We use St. Tropez products, or Vita Liberata organic to administer the spray in a dedicated room.  We also have an organic spray tan.

Tanning Treatments
St. Tropez Spray Tan Classic £28
Dark and Express Spray Tan £32

St. Tropez products are available to buy.

To achieve an even tan it is best if your skin is prepared. An exfoliating scrub the day before will really be beneficial in prepping the skin. See our Body Treatments. 

A few hours before your spray tan have a shower and use a non oily body exfoliator. Please arrive with no make on. Wear baggy clothing and you won’t be able to put your bra back on after the spray tan! We provide a cap to protect your hair, and knickers to wear, but you can of course keep your own knickers on if you prefer.

We would recommend having a late appointment (we are open until 8pm Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, and 7pm on Friday) and not showering until the morning after (but there is an express developing one which you can shower off after 3/4 hours if you prefer). When you shower, you may be surprised by the green/brown colour which flows off your body, this is entirely normal and you will be left with a lovely tan.