Jessica Pedicure

Includes a foot bath, hard skin removal, a foot scrub, massage and cuticle work, particular attention is given to to filing and shaping the nails.

  • 1hr
  • £40
Add Paraffin Wax

Full pedicure with application of a  hydrating wax, feet are then  wrapped for a deeply hydrating treatment leaving your feet soft and silky and plumped. You will be walking on air.

  • 1hr 15
  • £50
Add Heated Booties

Full pedicure with treatment of a hydrating  balm, feet are placed in heated mitts to enable deep product absorption with relaxation.

  • 1hr 15
  • £45
Pedicure Gel Overlays

Including full pedicure. Gel Overlays last approx 2-3 weeks

  • 1hr
  • £42

Please advise if you need a soak off when booking. Note the paraffin wax treatment is not possible with Gel Overlays.

Soak off

Stand alone treatment including nourishing foot treatment.

  • 30mins
  • £28

Soak off with reapplication of gels or varnish 

  • £10
  • 30mins

We can of course remove any polish you have on,  but so you can have more time in your manicure spent on massage, cuticle work and nail shaping, it would be beneficial for you to arrive with no polish on, it is not obligatory, just a suggestion.

Pedicures!  Bring flip flops to wear afterwards or you risk smudging your lovely new toe nail paint. We are sure you have all painted your own nails at some time, you know how long it takes to dry. Don’t risk it! Bring flip flops please!

To really achieve better nails and achieve the look you desire we do recommend on-going manicures and pedicures. How long a varnish lasts can depend on the condition of your nails.

Jessica products are available to buy. Your therapist can advise any products to buy they feel will benefit you.  We have  dedicated nail treatments to strengthen your nails, should you need them.